Desperate Desire to Doze
July 2003

@!#[email protected]!?!
January 2003

Just Kill Me Now
December 2002

Life of a Mature College Woman

Yours Most Un-sincerely…
August 2002

“Disco… disco slut…”
July 2002

Procrastinate Now!  Ask me How!
June 2002

Like, TOTALLY Japanime!
May 2002

How Sweet it is!
March 2002

Ride 'em Boyband
AKA What I did on My Summer Vacation Part III
July 2001

Adventures in Estrogen
AKA What I did on My Summer Vacation Part II
July 2001

Midwest From Home
AKA What I did on My Summer Vacation Part I
July 2001

Fat Chance
May 2001

Fave 90210 Eps!
April 2001

Shitty in Pink
March 2001

Yo, Little Sugie!
February 2001

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World…
January 2001

Single Helpings
December 2001

I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want…
November 2000

Serial Quillers
October 2000

California Dreamin'…?
July 2000

Regrets, I've had a few…
June 2000

New a-ha Album Review
June 2000

Bodacious Birthday Blather
June 2000


Little Thanksgiving on the Prairie
April 2005

The Thanksgiving of Regrettable Food
November 2001

A Kidlet Tea Party
January 2001

2001:  A Lounge Odyssey
January 2001

It's Krimmatime in the City…
December 2000

Thankful for Gluttony!
November 2000

It's Time to take out the Trash!
June 2000

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