The Not-So-Teenybopper Fans - Page TWO
July 2001
Or, "What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part III"…

Tuesday, July 24 2001

10 AM
Crissy called. "I have your tickets, but they're bad seats, I'm sorry..."
"That's okay—where are they?" I asked.
"Front row."


I looked at Dwanollah in shock: "Dude, we have front row seats."

The Freaking Commenced.

Ye Gawds!

So once we found out we'd, like, scored mondo-primo seats for the Pop Music Event of the Summer, the Getting Ready rituals kicked off. I painted my nails groovy blue foil, courtesy of Kelly's nail polish collection. I actually ended up having a FAB hair day - rather unusual. Right now, as previously mentioned, I have a choice of about 3 things to wear: black skirt with white shirt, jeans and denim jacket with dressy satin shirt, and jeans with tee shirts. I opted for the jean-and-denim jacket look, with a bright pink low-cut shirt that now fits - all the better to show off that fine *NSync necklace! And then I scoured until I found our Duran Button Collection - and slathered my jacket with 11 of 'em. Damn. HOT! :)

I opted for the elegant ensemble *snort* of the sleeveless tee I bought at my very-first-Duran-concert-ever, in1984, paired with the bitchen black Diesel skirt Kimmie gave me, and of course my chunky, retarded *NSync necklace from Claire's.

'Twas very important to dress as Duranies, just to show the current wave of teenies who's who and what's what. We wear our Knobliness with PRIDE, y'all! :)

I wanted to leave early, because parking at the Rose Bowl was gonna be a mess, and I had visions of having to take the bus from some random parking lot 3 miles away and then back again at midnight after the show. Plus, KIIS 102.7 FM, the radio station sponsoring the show, was having a carnival at the Rose Bowl before the show to, like, encourage people to get there early. Insane Madhouse Potential.

Had things been different, and the Yuppiemobile not been in the shop, we might've made a side trip to a Tower Records to pick up Celebrity, newly released that day. But we were still livin' The Power of the Geo Metro, sans tape player, much less CD player, and would have to make do with the pre-concert babble on 102.7, heaven help us...

So we left here 'round 3, and got there—and got good, close parking—at 4ish. The first thing we saw upon arrival was mass numbers of cars plastered with *NSync posters, pictures, signs, graffiti—it was spectacular. We giggled our asses off, taking pictures of some of the best ones. Our fave? The girls who'd tried to give mad props to the opening band, Eden's Crush (of the TV show Popstars )... only, they'd spelled it "Eden's Chush." Eden's Chush. That's who they were for the rest of the night.

Another fave thing was the SUV (there were a surprising number of minivans and SUVs there. Are folks these days just letting their chilluns appropriate family minivans and besmirch the pristine exteriors with estrogen-laden decor like this? Or do folks just BUY their kids minivans and SUVs now?) that featured declarations like *NSync is God damn sexy! and *NSync is God damn hot! and God made Coke. God made Pepsi. God made Lance, oh so sexy! [I didn't know God was into the soda and pop-star business…] and My pants are bustin' for JC! [with a picture of pants] Do you see this guy? [with a picture of JC] He belongs to ME! And someday I'll meet him! We're gonna walk down the aisle! (Hey. I was impressed she spelled "aisle" correctly. So did the Lance-Pepsi girl, who'd included color photocopies of her next to pix of Lance and the postscript We're gonna walk down the aisle! Bless.)

And the first thing we heard upon arrival was the SCREAMING. There was a KIIS FM stage set up near the entrance with the DJs entertaining—and taunting—the audience of mostly-14-to-17-year-old-girls with blocks of *NSync music, the occasional handout of cheap Mardi Gras beads, and promises of front-row tickets. (Did I mention WE ALREADY HAD FRONT-ROW TICKETS?! *doing, doing, doing*) These girlies were just going apeshit for a chance at a string of plastic beads - never mind those coveted tickets! And yes, there was a carnival - several food stands, a few rides, another stage where a group of wannabe boys performed *NSync dances to the shrieks and cheers of the fans gathered.

And, yes, the fans...

Being a Duranie, this shit shouldn't shock, but DANG IT! Half of the twenty thousand girls (or their long-suffering mothers) were carrying carefully-lettered, glittered and cut-out-decorated signs: Marry Me, Lance! JUSTIN IS MINE! I Love *NSYNC!!!!! Pop Odyssey! I Love You JC!... Someone had carefully crafted a huge LIFE cereal box with the *NSyncers' pictures on it, and her friend held up a giant bowl and spoon next to her. Girls carried their *NSync puppet-dolls...and a frightening number of girls had made *NSync dolls, with a cut-out of Lance or JC or Justin fixed over a baby-doll's face. And, oh, the outfits- these girls must've started with the appliqués and Bedazzlers and fabric pens literally the second they got their concert tickets. Jeans and jackets and t-shirts and old concert t-shirts, hats, sneakers positively PAVED with pictures and messages...pictures of the Boyz surrounded by glitter...perma-marker declarations of love and devotion...iron-on letters and/or numbers (Justin, for some reason, is number 1½, make of it what you will….)

*sighs, explains for the kabillionth time*
*NSync played in a charity basketball game earlier in the year, and had numbers on their jerseys. Britney Spears was also in the game. Brit n' Just were on the same team; his jersey said 1 ½, and hers said ½. (Aww.) *snicker* (Their jerseys also had names: his was Stinky, and hers, Pinky, but that's not what you asked.)

You should watch more MTV, Dwan. I learned this Important Information on Britney Spears' Diary.

I'm sorry I offended you, Kel. I humbly beg your forgiveness… *giggling giddily* Where was I…? Oh, yeah… rhinestones and glitter-buttons - and some girls had even made headbands with deedley-bop like things sprouting *NSync trading cards on their heads!

Despite the fact that the new album had just been released that day, most of the girls had every song memorized, natch, and could shriek along with whatever track or snippet the KIIS DJs played for them. Not only that, there were clusters who had all the dances down, and could bust out with their phat moves to "Pop" or "Bye Bye Bye" as necessary. We got pictures of two girls who were quite good, in fact.


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