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Two for one again, this time from the perfect world of Sweet Valley!

The Dairi Burger: Blogger ihatewheat writes scathing and funny recaps of Sweet Valley High books (although I can't help wishing she'd run a spell check). Much attention is paid, as it should be, to the clothes. Especially those fucking jumpsuits.

1Bruce1: Or, Elizabeth and Jessica are better than you. Readers contribute the SV recaps here, which provides a variety of snarky detail. So start readin' and writin'!


Adrian Mole: Aidy has a website!

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing. I get all the best names for my Sims here.

Betsy-Tacy Society: Some great information about a nearly-forgotten series of children's books

Britney Spears: Proof that you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. You never know when Bitty's gonna post another eloquent Letter of Truth, y'all! I HOPE YOU CAN HANDLE IT!!!!

Brunching Shuttlecocks: Ow! Ow! Hurts from laughing! Ow!


Charles Phoenix: His retro-Americana slide shows are a scream! If you find yourself in LA, go! If not, get his book!

Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece: When the Fametracker forums died, this is where a bunch of us moved. The Britney, Stah! and C'est FUBAR snark lives on! And I help moderate it.

Cute Overload. Sometimes, you just gotta enjoy some cute stuff.

Damn Hell Ass Kings: Home to the whole Über family. Some of my old faves, like Fresh Hell, Chicklit, and Television Without Pity live here.

Dating Emily Dickinson: An amazing story, even if you don't love Dickinson as much as I do.

Dream Kitty: MashiMaro! "He is a very interesting rabbit. He is sarcastic and negative about himself in order to hide the miserable and lonely self." Well, okay then! While downloading MashiMaro cartoons, you can shop for stuff too. (There are also MashiMaro Eps here... in case you're as hooked as I am.)

Fark.com: Where I catch up on current events.

Gertrude Stein Online: I hear and obey, my master.

Go Fug Yourself. Git 'em, girls! GIT 'EM!

Gwen's Petty, Evil, Judgemental Thoughts: And you thought I was the only one who was petty, evil and judgemental...?

I am Screaming and Punching Myself: GirlNamedCarl, a fellow Greecie, recaps some of the worst of the worst of the worst of reality television on her blog, like any and all Flavor of Love spin-offs. And she rocks!

I Can Has Cheezburger?: Really. "Invisible Bike" and "Invisible Buttsecks" will never NOT be funny!

James Joyce: The Brazen Head: Why do you say "masturbatory self-righteous misogynistic asshole" like it's a bad thing? (Or, if you're especially daring, try here.)

JibJab: From the folks who brought you "Frog in a Blender" and "Fart Waffle."

Joseph Campbell Foundation: Finally, academia is recognizing how important Campbell was.

Joy Harjo: GODDESS!

Kevin & Bean: Talk about "a face made for radio" ... and with K&B, you get two for the price of one! But more importantly, you get streaming live KROQ.

Lileks.com: Wow! The Gobbler...The Gallery of Regrettable Food... dear God, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! (FYI, I coined my Blather 'way before discovering this site!)

The Little Colonel books: Most people today have vague memories of The Little Colonel as a tap-dancing Shirley Temple character, but actually, these books were the Harry Potters of the turn-of-the-century. Shocking racial elements, quaint sexism, and basic anachronistic good fun abound!

Lost Generation: *dreamy sigh*

Mediarama: Rereading xixax's old 90210 Wrap-Ups is always a good time.

Moveon.org: Sometimes gives me hope for the future.

My Cat Hates You: I have no excuses. I just laugh and laugh and laugh....

NGLTF: Obviously.

NOW: Because, no shit.

The Onion: The other place where I catch up on current events.

Phranc: LOVE! And she does Tupperware Parties, too!

Playing With Dolls. I've often said playing Sims is like playing Barbies. Check out this highly-addictive ongoing Sims drama for proof.

Poundy: Go, Wendy!

Roaring Twenties: Lots of resources, both fun and academic.

Rodney on the Roq: If Rodney plays it, I'll listen to it.

Salad Fingers. Marjory Stewart-Baxter, you taste like sunshine dust. Ew, Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo! Check out all the episodes at fatpie!

Silent Movie Theatre: One of the good things about Los Angeles.

Something Awful: Often spectacular articles.

Stuff on My Cat: Because stuff + cats = awesome!

Terry Bozzio: My New Boyfriend! Hubba....

Tomato Nation: TN rawks, and so does The Vine.

Urban Legends: No, Well-Meaning Cousin, we don't have to beware of AIDS-infected needles in phone booths. No, Well-meaning High School Person who I haven't heard from in 10 years but who added me to his/her address book, Nostradamus did not predict Dubya/Sept. 11/the MTV Video Music Awards! No, "Walt Disney Jr". is not giving away free trips to Disneyland! No, the fake McDonald's application is not cute and funny! NO! STOP IT! And if you don't, you may find yourself waking up in a bathtub full of ice with a note telling you to call 911... IMMEDIATELY!

The Victorian Web. Hours and hours of one's life can be spent here. Not that I'd do that. No, really.

Vooz Club: Pucca and Garu! *giggle*


ABC Home: This is the greatest store in the world, and I spent many covetous hours at the Union Square location.

Antique Hardware: Much more than just faucets and hinges....

Archie McPhee: Stuff! Stuff! I love stuff!

Arte de Mexico. If you can find their warehouse in the bowels of The Valley, this is a great place to wander amongst heavy, carved furniture and wrought iron. Some is contrived, but there's some groovy stuff if you look.

Barkcloth Hawaii: Vintage Hawaiian barkcloth fabrics for draperies and upholstery. Good stuff!

Cabbages and Roses. If Rachel Ashwell is too trendy for you, here's my favorite Chintz Print Alternative.

Found Image Press: Postcards, art prints, note cards... heck, more vintage images than you'll know what to do with!

Gentlemen's Emporium. Yeah, I really do buy stuff from here. And wear it, no less!

J List. Stuff! From! Japan!

Martha Stewart: I dig Martha... her put-upon New England accent (so it sounds like her name is really Mrrtha Steywrrt), her surreally perfect kitchen, her green fluffy toilet seat covers at K-Mart, her felony... even the fact that she's an Anal-Retentive Bitch On Wheels only makes "Mrrtha" all the more appealing to me. 

Melinamade Fabrics and Wallpaper: Primarily 50s-60s era stuff. We used the turquoise atomic wallpaper for the Lounge....

Mr. Pink, Inc. A favorite NYC shopping experience.

J.Peterman: They don't have nearly as much kewl-rad stuff as they used to, but I rest easy knowing that if I desperately need a 1930s-style silk dress, I can find one here. And their hokey catalogue copy is great fun, too....

The Paris Apartment: Expensive and contrived, but groovy nonetheless.

Pearl River. *dreamy, wistful sigh*

Poster Reproduction: Can't. Get. Enough. Vintage. Prints!

Pylones. Another groovy New York place. People like me shouldn't be allowed in here with credit cards.

Reprodepot Fabrics: Another excellent collection of retro fabrics, with 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s prints.

Restoration Hardware: I know, I know... but I refuse to apologize for it!

Rose Bowl Flea Market: "One man's junk is another man's treasure...." I repeat Gramma's saying as I feel compelled to scoop up yet another milkglass vase or 1940s tablecloth....

Sephora.com: Yeah, I'm addicted to makeup. It doesn't help me much, but I'm addicted anyway.

Shabby Chic: Back off, Britney Spears! I was gettin' my Chintz Fix here long before you and Cletus discovered the place!

Stuff-O-Rama: For people who love their stuff. Because I do. Totally.

Suzanne Felsen Jewelry. I made the mistake of discovering this nearby store, with its unusual semi-precious stones and unique settings. How often do you see faceted moonstones! Yes! I'll take that! And that! And- help me... I'm turning into That Kind of Girl!

Vintage Fabrics: Startlingly enough, they sell vintage fabrics here, too.

Vintage French Cards: Even more cards, postcards, prints and posters... Gawd, I horde these things!

Wacko: The Greatest Store in Los Angeles. I spend hours -- and lots of money -- at this Hollywood Blvd. shop. If that ain't enough, this is also home to La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

Wishing Fish. Fun, albeit sometimes expensive, shopping foofy stuff.

Uncommon Goods. Everything from the nifty baby gift you need for a friend to the wonky bottle-cap necklace you need for yourself.

All of the important Durannie Folks....

Duran Duran: The World's Greatest Band, featuring My Boyfriend, Simon Le Bon.

cuccurullo.tv: The latest on Duran's now-former guitarist. Hey, he finally quit with the porn and went back to makin' music, so download yer heart out!

crotchwatchers: Oh yes. Ohhhhh, yes indeed!

Trust the Process: John Taylor's official site. He's always doing rad stuff like releasing albums only via TTP, or posting diary entries or old pictures here. And he's pretty damned hot, too.

Lizard King: An excellent source for news... and an amazing array of archives!

Plastic Girl: Another kewl-rad Duran site. This place always has great updates... AND the best pictures of My Boyfriend!

Privacy: Didn't believe me that Cyndi's site was so amazing that it actually turned Warren Cuccurullo into a Cyndi Glass fan? Warren actually hired Cyn and Privacy's content for cuccurullo.tv! Cyndi Glass Kicks Ass! ("She fuckin' does!") Cyn's also got other fun stuff at her old site (Michael Des Barres, 21 Jump Street, Missing Persons, and so on...).

Smugmug: Beautiful stuff from the late Wes Wehmiller.

The Roving Stove: For anyone who ever what ever happened to JulieAnne.... *snicker*

There: When Durannies say "Don't make me go THERE!" this is the place they're talking about! Haven to Duran slash, fiction, poetry, and other forms of, ahem, creativity. Nuthin' quite like a little Duransome Threesome!

Tragical Fiction: These Durannies not only do Duran Fan Fic, they do Backstreet Boys Fan Fic too... and believe it or not, it's good!

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