C'est Cheese!




The Crickmore Family Album


Ah, Mrs. Crickmore. She is a gorgeous bitch. So what if she only has one hand?


Mrs. Crickmore (wearing the famous Crickmore pearls) in her favorite red dotted evening gown (really an old hanky I stole from Gram about 20-odd years ago....)


David, aka Evil Headless Disco Ken, and the lovely (but slutty) Vanessa Crickmore.


Who'da thunk it?

Thanks to some sales at Toys R Us, David and Vanessa have recently acquired some JonBenet-like offspring of their own... an oldest daughter (in the hat, a non-Barbie doll, who came with an infant sibling), plus twins, a boy and girl (genuine "Friends of Kelly" Barbie dolls)....


Oldies but goodies... Conrad, Mary Ellen, Beth, and baby Holly Rose.

That doily became an integral part of my Barbie wardrobe. It worked as a cape, a cloak with a hood, a dress, a strapless evening gown.... Beth's doll was part of a miniature dollhouse family. And Mary Ellen's new, beauteous white Victorian dress is thank to THTM's Christmas Box!