C'est Cheese!




Angela had this to say:

I was reading your blather about YA romances, and I I was trying to remember what "poo" I read when I was younger. Sure I had Sweet Valley etc. All those "classics" of the monthly newspaper flyer they handed out in school every month. Did you get that too? I remember reading one in the 1st or 2nd grade that was called "We Hate Everything But Boys." I couldn't tell you one thing about the story really, as it has been many years, but I do know that I liked it. I even glued graph paper over the cover so I could read it during school without the boys in class seeing the title. You know how it is at that age. The boys can't know that you might actually like them. OK... maybe I was paranoid. But I'll leave my stories about my elementary crush on Joel Pignataro for another day. In any case, I looked this book up on amazon to see if I could remember what in the dickens it was about. There was no summary, but there were some of those reader reviews that are oh so helpful. I came across this one:

"This book was kind of good, I mean it was good, but it was kind of gross!!! They talked about some things that I can not share with you! You will have to read this book for yourself!!!!! I give this book a rating of 3 stars because once again it was good, but gross!!!"

I am bewildered? What could this person be talking about? What exactly was I unknowingly exposed to at the tender age of 7? I think I have a lawsuit? I'm considering buying it just so I can figure this out.


Angie, between the graph paper and Joel Pignataro... damn, I'll be sending you a lurvely prize package!