C'est Cheese!




Furniture and décor

I hated how Barbie furniture was so unrealistic looking. I mean, who has pink everything?! I also disliked the goofy cartoon-like fake backdrops... I wanted my stuff to look REAL!


The Barbie Townhouse, circa 1975.

I got the Townhouse -- along with Olympic Gold Medal Barbie -- for my 5th birthday. There's a picture in Gram's photo albums of me in my stylin' blue flowered dress, posing happily. But the older I got, the more dissatisfied with the Barbie accessories I became. Cheap plastic, dorky colors, and those lame-oid cardboard backdrops.... Uch!


The Superstar Stage Show, circa 1977.

Ditto on the stage. I tried to make it a ballroom, but the pegged tracks for Ken and Barbie to dance got in the way. So did the award platform. 


The Superstar Tour Van, circa 1977.

This eventually became my "Peddler's Wagon"... but what with the built-in sinks, the contemporary chairs, and that hiddy yellow-orange-and-pink of the 1970s, it just didn't quite make it as a pretend wagon.... 

As Anne of Green Gables might say, the Barbie stuff was so specific and contemporary that there was "little scope for imagination" in it. But check out the Sindy stuff I had... fake antique-looking, fancy, nary a trace of pink.... It even looked kinda like some of Gram's furniture. THIS stuff was worthy of Crickmore Manor!


The Vanity.


The china cupboard.


The dining table, complete with candelabras....


The couch. (I still have the chair)


The Refrigerator. 

Yeah, so, it's a little contemporary for the prairie or a London boarding school, but I really dug the realistic-looking mini-foods. And yes, I still have those Pepsi and chocolate milk bottles....

Back to the Barbies....