C'est Cheese!




The Generation Girls!


A couple of Barbie's newest pals, the Generation Girls!


Lara Morelli-Strauss 

Lara's an artist from Paris, and came with all sorts of kewl stuff, like a drawing pad and a box for paints and brushes and fake candles and other bohemian accouterments. Her clothes are all bohemian too... she has this groovy long Indian-print skirt and gauzy shirt. I also dig her because she has a hyphenated last name. 


Mari Nakano

Mari kicks booty... she's got this bodacious red-streaked hair and these totally expressive hands (with blue nail polish, no less!). She comes with a computer for her video games and a little hand-held game thingie and a beeper. She also has a CD player/karaoke machine with a little disc (in her hand), Japanime comic books, and even a little still-in-the-package action figure. 


Blaine Gordon 

Ooooh, Teen Whore Skipper thinks that Blaine is just da BOMB! Admittedly, Blaine's accessories are groovy. He's got a whole DJ setup with "two turntables and a microphone" and headphones that really plug in and a box of records in real sleeves. Even Blaine's clothes're kewl. But I get the feeling that Blaine himself is kinda a tard. Actually... shellacked hair... arrogant expression...DJ... Blaine kinda reminds me of DumbAss!


Blaine is such a weenie that I gave Mari his DJ setup. Kick ass, girl!

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