C'est Cheese!




Prom 1986

Lil' Dwanollah in her Beauteous Gunne Sax dress....


Could I possibly look any more Young 'N Innocent?


For years, this picture made me squirm.* 
We look like 12-year-old retards.  


My sunburned friend Amy asked me to be in her Prom picture with her. 
Gads... that hurts just to look at!


And Tricia borrowed my last-year's white lacy prom dress.

I don't have any pictures of me from Prom 1985 on hand... 
which is a shame, because the big ol' white lace bow in my hair was a nice touch. 
But I do have this...


Me and DumbAss*, Homecoming, 1987. And yes, I really DID think I was All That. 
Hey, I was in LOVE! I was a Cheerleader! These were the BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE
(This picture is spectacular not just for me in my lacy white/blue accessory'd glory and DumbAss' mondo-big hair,
but also for the old carpet Gram had in her den, God help us....)

*Yeah, I'm blocking out DumbAss' face. My intention isn't to slander the poor wanker or invade his privacy or anything. I don't think the others pictured here would object to my using their photos, though (should these long-lost high-school friends happen to stumble across my website...).