C'est Cheese!




Prom 1988

Don't me and Alex look hot?
This was the fun part of Proming... mugging it up with Alex, teasing our hair, comparing rhinestones....


I mean, oh yeah... SMOKIN' H-O-T-T!
Why yes, I DID think I was all that. Again. 


When Stevie showed up, it was the highlight of the whole lame-ass night.


But did I mention that me and DumbAss WERE THE PERFECT COUPLE?!?!
Look at me! I'm Cheerleading Captain! I'm ASB Treasurer! I'm on Honor Roll! I'm Promised to DumbAss! 
I am Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield wrapped up with a big ol' blue taffeta bow!

But that forced smile on my face should tell you something.... 


Me and DumbAss at the Prom. 
Yeah, see the look on my face? I'm trying hard to convince myself I'm having a super-dilly 
wondrous time because I'm DumbAss' Perfect and Attentive Girlfriend.. 
And it's not working.