C'est Cheese!




Wanna see my toys?


Lookit all my Barbies!

You can see my French Court Barbie, the Ekatarina Gordeeva doll, the "new" Princess Leia (not nearly as good as the old one) and Ballerina Barbie, along with some of my special gift dolls, like the previously-mentioned Graduation Barbie, Wedding Party Barbie, and Alice. And if you look carefully on the other side of Cinderella, you can see a Barbie cat and a little red-headed doll. The Kidlet gave me those a couple years ago. Awww....


A close-up of Frenchie and Katya.


Lookit more of my Barbies!

Angela got me the Joey FatOne puppet for Christmas. O Nancy My Nancy snagged me the Forever Spice book. I picked up the Prince William Pocket Romeo book on one of mine and klee's discount store raids....


Lookit even more of my Barbies!

Action Man and GI Joe have really pervy hands, yo. The corner of the lower shelf is also informally "The Stable" (there always has to be a stable at Crickmore Manor)... hence the horsey, calf, and piggies. On the right, under the Dream House roof, you can also see part of the light-up pink Barbie bed. The Kidlet gave that to me the other month when I visited her. I used a couple old embroidered hankies to make the canopy.


"The Attic" 

Because there always must be an attic at Crickmore Manor. There's no room on the shelf for the old brass bed, but I still have the patchwork quilt. The orange chair came with the Barbie Townhouse I got in 1975 for my 5th birthday.


Thanks to The Husband-Type Man, I have more Barbie shoes now than I owned collectively during my entire childhood.... 


Want to see inside the Manor?