C'est Cheese!




2001: A Lounge Odyssey... in pictures.

The much-depleted cocktail table. 

You can't tell much from this picture, but I did foofy things with a bunch of my 50s-era tableclothes, and surrounded platters, plates and stands with collections of vintagey/Christmasy things, like heaps of 50-year-old Christmas light bulbs, ornaments, and plastic toys. Believe me, it looked MUCH better when we started!


Deck the Lounge.

We did foofy things over in the Lounge sitting area: namely, hanged Christmas lights. But it's shaping up nicely in there, what with the additions of the green velvet sofa we found whilst antiquing, the silver-star curtains and pillows (courtesy of Ikea), and, especially, The Ugliest Lamp in the World, discovered in Gramma's Storage Shed. (It needs a new, silver-accented shade, but YOU try finding a 3-foot lampshade!)


The hors d'ouevers weren't good enough for Kelly. She had to eat her necklace instead.

You can also see a little more of the decor, here, too... like the stunning glass grapes, doilies, side table and Grody Candy Dish, again all thanks to Gramma's Storage Shed. 


Having fun, Erik? (No, I won't make one-balled jokes, honest!)

A few of the folks mingling. There's O Nancy My Nancy (standing), who got bitchin' ass highlights in her hair just for me, and there's Goddess Caroline and Mr. Goddess back there, who looked totally sassy in a vintage red velvet cocktail dress and a vintage pinstriped suit, respectively. Me, I wore a really shiny silk shirt. There I am, showing my best side. 

You can also see a bit more of our decor via this bad picture... like the Christmas tree (on top of Gramma's hi-fi), which was laden all Uber-50s-ly with old ornaments and snowball lights (Gramma's Storage Shed) and bubbling candle lights and icicle tinsel and all surrounded with fake snow and glittery pine cones. And on the other side, on the floor (for the time being) is the red neon glow of the Duran Duran clock that my psycho Duranie friends send us as a housewarming gift. And then there're the windows (behind Nancy), which we decked out with various kitschy/vintage-y tableaux and foof. 

If Kelly scans her pictures and sends 'em to me, I'll post 'em here, too....