C'est Cheese!






After seeing it for several years on 90210, pure serendipity lead me to the answer of that burning question: "7250 WHAT?!" 

I now have the answer. Not 7250 Whatever Blvd. or 7250 Yeah Right Place... 7250 Melrose Avenue. 

The Husband-Type Man and I were out for a Sunday morning drive, questing for a brunching spot. I was driving, and we decided to abandon Melrose and head back toward the Beverly Center (hello, Christmas shopping) instead. Because La Brea and Santa Monica are all torn up, I did a right-turn/right-turn maneuver to get back on track. I didn't even realize what was awaiting me when I turned off Alta Vista St. onto Melrose.

I checked left. I looked up. I shrieked. 

The Husband-Type Man jumped.

At this point, I was laughing hysterically and babbling "Look! Look! It's 7250 Whatever Blvd! Ohmigawd! Ohmigawd!" like a complete freak. I banged on the steering wheel, fwapped my hands around and cackled with glee some more. "I found it! I found it! I wasn't even looking for it!" 

So today, I went back and took pictures. People, I have seen Now Wear This. And it's available for rent....


There it is, in all its glory....


And if you'd like to rent it, just call the number on the sign....


A little "larger context"... the view of 7250 down Melrose Ave.


And here I am standing worshipfully under Those Very Numbers.... 


Want to go inside?